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Chorley's launch new loyalty scheme in partnership with ALLIOP - 12/7/17


The management team at Chorley's restaurant and table sauce company are very pleased to announce that Chorley's have agreed to partner Alliop, a mobile loyalty card app, to help deliver a 21st century loyalty scheme to their Cornish client base.


Alliop, a Cornish company that provide a free mobile app where the customer can collect loyalty stamps from a selection of local businesses, was started 18-months ago. One of the founders, Ryan Shillito said, "We are very pleased to be welcoming the Chorley's brand into our portfolio of service providers. Chorley's is a new and exciting Cornish company that we hope will help drive our business forward. We are very confident that their customers (and anyone simply downloading the app to see what Alliop is about) will quickly realise the value in joining the programme."


Chorley's have been speaking to a number of service providers

and have made a point of ensuring the agreement for a loyalty

app was the correct service to move them to the next level.

Shane Chorley, the co-founder and one of the directors said,

"We have spoken to a number companies that offer similar

packages to what Alliop have to offer, of which all offer a unique

spin on how to deliver a loyalty scheme to our loyal customers.

One of the major 'standouts' is that we really like that Alliop is a

Cornish company. This not only enables us to support a local

business and their development, but also enables us to work

closely with them to tailor the app to suit our needs. This won't

just benefit us but every other local business and customer that

uses the app." Shane continued to say, "We also love the branding

itself. We take extra care to ensure Chorley's as a brand fits well

with anyone we work with and we truly feel Alliop and Chorley's

can build a long future together. We share the excitement in getting

the partnership off the ground as soon as possible."


The Alliop app can be found in both the Apple and Google play stores. Sadly due to a low user rate - if you are using a Windows smart phone the app will not be compatible. It is free to download and very simple in how it operates. They are a relatively new service and new companies are starting to come on board as they continue to grow. Ryan Shillito explained, "It's a simple concept where we simply apply a digital stamp, using a touch beacon or a QR code, to a digital loyalty card that is stored on your phone. With us there is no need to carry 101 different loyalty cards in your wallet. Alliop stands for 'All In One Place'. A bunch of loyalty cards for various local businesses all stored safely and conveniently on your phone, in one app. The best thing being, one business can run multiple offers. This gives the customers a great range of options to take part in."

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