As the Chorley family hail from Africa, wild life along with the world we live in takes a very important place in our hearts.

Chorley's as a business is comitted to playing its role in improving the world we live in.

Going Green

As a business we have already taken a huge step towards improving our carbon footprint by developing our own mobile app. Chorleys will never use traditional paper take away menus again thanks to this.

The business has also committed to using either paper straws or more recently released bio-degradable straws, both of which are currently in use - in store now.

Chorley's has set the target to move into exclusively recycled takeaway containers and we are also looking to how we can improve our retail packaging to reduce the need for single use plastics. This is all part of our next phase towards our ultimate goal of maximum sustainability.

Our Future

As company that is striving to achieve a global reach we are also aware that with increased stature, a greater rersponsibility will fall on us as a business that has the resorces to make a difference where possible.

It is for this reason we are comitted to delivering a percentage of our profits from all retail sales to help support elephant and rhino conservation in Africa as well as fight against illegal ivory trade.

As our business grows we hope to be able to play a significant role in conservation of these elegant animals that are needlessly slaughtered for ivory, and hopefully help preserve an element of nature that future generations can enjoy seeing or visiting in their natural habitat.