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Monday - CLOSED 

                    Lunch service     Dinner service

Tuesday           12pm - 3pm          6pm - 10pm 

Wednesday        12pm - 3pm          6pm - 10pm

thursday             Closed               6pm - 10pm

friday             12pm - 3pm          6pm - LATE

Saturday         12pm - 3pm          4.30pm - LATE

Sunday - CLOSED 



Tues - Thurs

Dinner - 9pm 

Fri & Sat 

Lunch - 2pm

Dinner - 9:15pm

Tuesday and Wednesday lunch service returns from Jan 31st

See our new lunch menu HERE.


Don't worry, the full menu will still be available!! See you soon

Booking Terms and conditions 

Please ensure the following document is read before proceeding with your booking.

Booking T&C's 

Please note tables are booked in slots.

1-2 guests = 1hr 30min

3 guests = 1hr 45min 

4-7 guests = 2hrs

Maximum guests per online booking is currently seven.

For larger groups please call the restaurant to speak to a manager and discuss your requirements.

We look forward to meeting you!

We look forward to meeting you!

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