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Co- Founder
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About Us

About Us

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Chorley's started with a sauce recipe created in the late 70's back in Zimbabwe. Since then Chorley's has grown into a range of FIVE table sauces, THREE meat products and ONE restaurant.

Our sauce flavours define our identity. Our restaurant tells our story.


Having lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA and England - our menu delivers a unique fusion of our sauce flavours and foods that we have enjoyed as we've moved around the globe.


During the late 70's Bob Chorley was forced to get creative due to the lack of options on the shelf at the time in Zimbabwe. 

The recipe for the sauce was conceived out of a combination of necessity and A desire for exciting flavours for braai time (AKA: BBQ time).


Chorleys was born!


Originally designed for ribs and chicken on a braai, Bob had no idea about the chain events that would ultimately lead us to where we are in 2022.  

Fast forward to the early 1990's - three children later, Bob and family are now living in South Africa. Bob continued to slowly develop the flavour as the family became more and more adamant for the need to have a regular supply of "Dads Baie Lekker Braai Sauce".


During the mid-nineties, the Chorley family experienced a significant amount of change due to taking the decision to leave South Africa. A two year stint in the USA between 1995 - 1997 introduced the family to a entirely new style of BBQ and cooking styles which opened the doors to many discussions about how the foods and techniques were similar - yet different.    

Arriving in the UK late September 1997,  the sauce remained a family favourite occasionally rolled out on the odd occasion until 2007 when another well established brand was making a name for itself. Watching friends react the way they did when they got an opportunity to try the Chorley's flavours, inspired the creation of what we call Chorley's today.    

Since then Chorley's has become  focused on delivering a high quality, premium product to our customers. Whether it's in the restraurant(s) or with our retail products.


We want our customers to know that we plan to deliver a top quality experience at home or in our restaurant settings that is unforgettable for all of the RIGHT reasons.

We hope that you will believe us when we say,....

"Chorley's simply makes life better".

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