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About Us

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During the late 70's Bob Chorley was forced to get creative due to the lack of options on the shelf at the time in Zimbabwe. 

The recipe for the sauce was conceived out of a combination of necessity and a desire for exciting flavours for braai time (AKA: BBQ time).


Chorleys was born!


Originally designed for ribs and chicken on a braai (BBQ), Bob had no idea about the chain events that would ultimately lead us to where we are today 

Fast forward to the early 1990's - three children later, Bob and family are now living in South Africa. Bob continued to slowly develop the flavour as the family became more and more adamant for the need to have a regular supply of "Dads Lekker Braai Sauce".


During the mid-nineties, the Chorley family experienced a significant amount of change due to taking the decision to leave South Africa.


A two year stint in the USA between 1995 - 1997 introduced the family to a entirely new style of BBQ and cooking styles which opened the doors to many discussions about how the foods and techniques were similar - yet different.    

Arriving in the UK late September 1997,  the sauce remained a family favourite occasionally rolled out on the odd occasion until 2007 when another well established brand was making a name for itself. Watching friends react the way they did when they got an opportunity to try the Chorley's flavours, inspired the creation of what we call Chorley's today.    


2016 - New Beginnings


Everything changed in 2016. In July we rebranded with the addition of  three new flavours and by December we opened the doors of our largest project to date: Chorley's Restaurant (Truro - Cornwall)



From Dec 12th (2016) until Dec 30th (2023) Chorley's restaurant operated to offer customers an unmatched dining experience. 

Delivering a South African Themed venue and a Chorley's sauce inspired menu with a dash of South African influence, Chorley's Restaurant rapidly gained a strong following. 


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We achieved some amazing recognition along the way.


We were fortunate to be nominated and win Cornwall's favourite restaurant in 2018 and maintained 'Top Performer' ratings across all review platforms right until our eventual closure at the end of 2023 so we could focus more on our retail business whilst hospitality continued to be challenged by the cost of living. 

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2024 - The Next Chapter

We are excited to say that we are now looking onwards and upwards with some exciting partnerships due to begin over the course of the year. Chorley's will be looking to expand on our connection to Cornwall's professional rugby league outfit: Cornwall RLFC and their recent acquisition: Truro City Football Club.


We have also begun adding new retailers to our growing list (View Here) so you wont be too far away from being able to get your favourite Chorley's products.

We hope you will agree with us as start to focus on our new  version of Chorley's as we head into this new chapter as we work to prove to everyone that ....    

"Chorley's simply makes life better".

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