Our Story

It all starts in the early 1980's when Bob Chorley had just married his wife. Having just imigrated from Zimbabwe and now living in South Africa, Bob quickly became the man to over see the cooking at most family gatherings.

The Creator

Forced to be creative due to the lack of good quality products on the shelf at that time, Chorley's sauce was created. Bob (unknown to him at that time) set off a long lasting chain of events that are still springing surprises to this day.

The Chorley children grew up with this flavour and as they got older the demand to maintain stock in the house hold became intense.

Growth, Growth, Growth!

We fast forward to mid 2007, where the sauce was provisionally nick named "Lekker-Lekker Everytime Sauce" paying homage to another rather well known Jamaican table sauce who at the time was just breaking into the UK market.

From this point in time Chorley's has slowly evolved from a part-time hobby with one flavour into a range of five sauces, three meat products and one award winning restaurant.

It's certainly been a great start to the journey with many more exciting milestones to strive for.